February 1, 2009
Saturday at 11am nine volunteers from Lee University came to our building.  They wasted no time getting to work.  In the blink of an eye 1440 sq. feet of old floor tile was removed – that was before lunch!  One half of the building was taped and primed, to be painted soon. 
Our angel electrician will be starting this week. 
The plumber and trencher are meeting at 8am Monday morning to start work so we will soon have running water.
Another, in our long list of angels, has loaded up awnings and is headed to Tennessee with them.
We are currently searching for a carpenter (who also has a halo!) who can donate his time.  We need two walls built, one 8′ wide and the other 15′ wide.  We also need some wall and ceiling repair. If you know anyone with carpentry skills please let us know. 
And then there’s one of the biggest jobs left to do.  The new vinyl. floor needs to be installed.  No sub-floor is needed.  We are desperately searching for someone who will donate their time to this project.
Yet another angel has donated windows which will let in glorious natural light and greatly improve the looks of our building from the outside. 
Getting there,