January 25, 2009
After arriving home in the wee hours of the night with our ‘loot’ from Douglas GA it (the loot) was safely delivered to the lot and unloaded on the concrete pad. 
We got a lower estimate for plumbing – $1000.  Much better than the first estimate of $2950.  I’m checking out some people he has done work for on Monday and if all checks out it will be a go.
One half of the building was leveled and blocked in – getting ready to be joined to its other half!
THE HALVES ARE REUNITED AT LONG LAST!!!  All blocked in and level.
To make the rejoining complete we will:
Bolt underneath and sides together, cap off the roof at the seam, get all the tie downs in place and we’re good to go!
Hopefully we’ll get some of this done tomorrow.  Our angel electrician will be hooking us up soon – maybe this week. Once the plumber starts it will only take a couple days to finish.
We must have water and electricity by Jan. 31st.  We have TWENTY volunteers coming from Lee University that day.  They will remove the floor tiles (to get ready for our new vinyl) and paint.  Our new floor will be a big expense.  If you have any connections with anyone who sells flooring please let me know.  This will be a very labor intensive, expensive job so we are desperately searching for someone who will lay the vinyl at no or very little cost.  Do you know anyone?  Let’s all put our thinking caps on for this one!
Hopefully more good news Sunday night.