Sunday May 17th 2009
I’m sorry there hasn’t been an update in so long!  The past three months have been an absolute whirlwind of activity.  So many of you have come by the clinic to check on our progress, often offering a helping hand.  Others have kept an eye on us as they travel North Lee Highway.  We are getting there, step by step.
Guy Pearl, owner of Pearl Electric, has completed all the electrical work including 52 fluorescent lights!  Thanks to his professionalism and dedication we passed our electrical inspection with flying colors.
Keith Gravel Hauling delivered the gravel and spread it to form our parking lot.
After checking and rechecking codes we now have a porch, steps and ramp.  After almost daily trips to Lowe’s and 8 carpenters the interior renovations are complete. We have added walls, doors, sheet-rocked, patched and painted and moved entire sections of cabinetry.  We installed three windows to let in the beautiful sunshine. Surgery lights are up and cages are in. The list goes on and the hours spent seem countless but now we have a beautiful clinic with a floor-plan that flows perfectly.
B&C Carpet gave us an unbelievable deal on  1440 sq. feet of beautiful, shiny vinyl flooring.

Our biggest challenge has been plumbing!  What we estimated to be $1000 turned out to be $5000.  At last Plumber #11, Ralph Farkas with Above All Plumbing, is working with us and helping us to reduce cost.  After 3 months of negotiating and yes, begging, we now have running water.  With a total of 8 sinks, a washing machine and restrooms there is still work to do but all plumbing should be complete by Friday, May 22nd.
Our building is heated and cooled by two commercial units.  When our electric was connected we were, at first, disappointed to learn that only one unit worked. Then we decided to be happy that one worked perfectly!  It was a bit of a financial setback but now both are up and running with the promise of keeping our patients at optimum temperature.

This week we’ll be cleaning our clinic from top to bottom inside and out.  We’ll be landscaping and putting on the final touches.

The next few weeks we will be raising money so we can purchase the last few items we need and place our very first supply and drug order.

Stop by and see us, we’re still a work in progress but we are very, very close to opening our doors and start saving lives.

Reception Area
Dog Room Cages 1
Surgery Room
Dog room cages 2
Volunteers; The Heart of our Organization
Dog Room 1 of 8 handwashing stations
Matt works on cell towers
Cages being delivered 2 weeks early!
Jerry always here when needed

Nails are nailing and hammers are hammering!

Finishing the siding in the snow – brrrrr….
If only I were taller…..
Why do I get the hammer….
and she gets the power tools?!