As a service to our community, we offer a Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic.

It is held the first Saturday of the month 9:00AM- 1:00 PM.
No appointment is necessary.

Services available during the vaccine clinic: 


Canine Distemper/Parvo Vaccine $10
Kennel Cough Vaccine $10
3 Year Rabies Vaccine $10
Heartworm Test $15
Microchip with Lifetime Registration $20


Feline Distemper Vaccine $10
Feline Leukemia Vaccine $10
3 year Rabies Vaccine $10
Felv/FIV Test $20
Microchip with Lifetime Registration $20


After arriving, go to the check-in desk and pick up admission form(s) ‐ you need one form per pet. Fill out the forms and then turn them in at the check-in desk. Our staff is available to answer any questions and review your forms for problems. Please wait in the lobby or in your car until we call you. For everyone’s safety, dogs must be leashed and cats must be in secured carriers.

Vaccine Clinic Form

Please check our event calendar for the dates