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Do I need an appointment?2020-11-13T04:09:00-05:00

We work by appointment for our spay/neuter patients. Click here to schedule.

No appointment is needed for our vaccine clinics.

What are the cost of spaying and neutering?2020-11-13T04:06:26-05:00

Dogs $60
Cats $40

Who are your clients?2020-11-13T04:05:06-05:00

We have pet owners come from East and Middle Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. We currently serve five Rescue groups and are adding others. Dixie Day Spay is here for any pet owner who is struggling to pay full service veterinary fees for spaying/neutering or vaccinations.

Do the fees charged cover the cost of the surgery?2020-11-13T04:03:38-05:00

No. We depend on donations and fundraising to help make ends meet.

How many surgeries have you performed?2020-11-13T04:02:34-05:00

Over 65,214 surgeries since our opening date of October 26th, 2009.

We service between 18 and 30 animals daily.

When can my dog/cat be spayed/neutered?2021-05-04T14:28:41-04:00

Dogs must be 16 weeks old. Cats must be at least 16 weeks old and weigh at least 3 lbs.

Do you perform surgery if my pet is in heat?2020-11-13T03:57:02-05:00

Spaying a dog while she is in heat is not ideal. We would prefer you bring her before her heat cycle starts or after she is completely out of heat.

Do you charge extra for large dogs?2020-11-13T03:56:05-05:00

We charge $10 extra if a dog is over 100 pounds.

May I come in during the week for vaccinations?2020-11-13T03:54:55-05:00

Yes, if your pet needs vaccinations he/she is welcome at our vaccine clinic. They are held daily from 11am to 2pm.
You do not need an appointment for these clinics.

Will my animal stay overnight?2020-11-13T03:53:18-05:00

No, our patients go home the same day they have surgery. We do not have staff at the clinic overnight to monitor your pet. We prefer they are home where they are more comfortable and can be supervised.

What services are available at Dixie Day Spay?2020-11-13T03:20:33-05:00

Low-cost spay/neuter surgery, vaccines and testing. We also have flea/tick and heartworm preventative.

What are the clinic hours2020-11-05T06:28:51-05:00

8:00 am.- 6:00 pm. Monday-Thursday
10:30am-5:30pm Friday

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